It could be said that Anti Gender by TSUNAMI is the perfume that supercharged a trend for apologetically pretty name as a unisex fragrance. This name has a positive attitude standing for itself, that a unisex fragrance should be anti gender in many ways in life.
Anti Gender gives a contemporary flourish to the classical cypresses accord. Its pretty raspberry head notes are combined with the freshest of white tea and litchi. Luminous freesia heralds a floral heart revealing strong rose united with ylang-ylang, resting on a musk and white honey base.
This combination of notes works very well on a various of different skins, which comes out soft and musky surprisingly.

Litchi, Raspberry, White Tea
Bulgaria Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Freesia 
Base Top 
Musk, White Honey 

68 $

Eau de parfum 50ml spray